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  • Mackman take on Sudbury Fun run!

    On Friday 18th April, Mackman’s technical department took on the Sudbury fun run. James and Adam both ran the traditional five mile course around Sudbury in just under 40 minutes, ending in Belle Vue Park. James Royce, Technical Lead said, “The Sudbury fun run is renowned for being a busy event, so we made sure to…

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  • Digital treasures unearthed after nearly 30 years

    In the news last week was the discovery of 28 digital works of art created by the late artist Andy Warhol as part of a commission for the 1985 launch of the Commodore Amiga (remember those?). The discovery was the culmination of a three year project to recover the contents of files found on floppy…

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  • Happy Brands

    Happy Brands

    We spotted this and thought that you would like it. Recent research by advertising agency Isobel in association with Cog Research reveals the United kingdom’s happiest brands.  Cadbury is ranked the ‘happiest’ brand in the study, ‘Happy Brands’, which asked people to assess brands on a number of ‘happy’ criteria. The study, which ranks Andrex…

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  • Design Trends – Chapter Two

    Design Trends – Chapter Two

    Cards As we’ve talked about previously, behaviour is a big part of any website design. Cards offer the user a quick pin board aesthetic allowing the user to glimpse at a snapshot of the content in the page. Whether the visitor is time precious or just wants to browse, cards offer a playful yet immediate browser experience. Say Cheese We’ve noticed a huge…

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  • Design Trends – Chapter One

    Design Trends – Chapter One

    1: It’s not just about pretty design Websites should be smart first, then wrapped in a designer coat. Over half of any design is design intelligence and usability, not just aesthetics. Once this is established the aesthetic design can be applied. Poorly considered sites result in a unfulfilling experience for the visitor and a disappointing conversion…

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  • Rise of the machines

    It may sound like the stuff of science fiction, but sadly has nothing to do with Arnold Schwarzenegger. The fact is the human race is no longer the dominant species in our world, or at least our online world. A report published last year by Incapsula found that just 38.5% of all internet traffic was…

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