Earlier this year, Mackman undertook the recruitment exhibition design for the University of Essex. Following its success, we were recently commissioned to produce a new exhibition piece in aid of their 50th anniversary.

The brief was to produce high impact typography, which could be placed inside or outside depending on the the nature of the event. It was paramount the exhibition would withstand the high winds on campus, but also be light enough to de-construct and pack away. Along side the functional requirements, the work had to engage and offer a photo opportunity for students, staff and visitors of the University. In order to achieve this, we planned to create a playful structure that allowed people to climb inside or even sit on if they wished.

The result is a design constructed by assembling flat pack sides that can be fitted seamlessly together by a single person in a couple of minutes.

Bruce Burgoyne, our Creative Lead said, “By using clean flat surfaces mixed with the natural birch plywood material, we were able to create an aesthetic that stands out from the dominating architecture of the university, yet compliments the natural parkland of the surroundings. The structures offer a playful but safe experience and something the University will be able to continue to use, year after year.”

For more information about the original recruitment exhibition design, visit Our Work page for the University of Essex case study.