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  • Sep242018
    Marketing Matters - Marketing & Branding - What is the Difference?

    Marketing & Branding – What is the Difference?

    The relationship between marketing and branding is not as complex as some may think. In fact, the two work hand…

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  • Sep032018
    Marketing Matters - Why Customer Experience is essential to your brand

    Why Customer Experience is essential to your brand

    Great customer experience should be at the centre of everything you do as a business. Put simply, in order to…

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  • Aug102018
    Mackman in Focus - Gemma Mackman

    Mackman in Focus: Gemma Mackman

    Gemma Mackman is a founding director of Sudbury-based business, Mackman. Mackman is a full-service branding and marketing agency with clients…

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  • Jul302018
    Six Tips for Managing a PR Crisis - Mackman

    Six Tips for Managing a PR Crisis


    We’re in an era where news can, and often does, go viral instantly. All organisations, regardless of size, from SMEs…

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  • Jul242018
    marketing matters - how to future proof your website

    How to Future Proof Your Website

    Here at Mackman, we develop websites using WordPress; the World’s most popular content management system (CMS) that offers the perfect…

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  • Jul242018
    marketing matters - finding the right partnership for your brand

    Finding The Right Partnership For Your Brand

    How partnerships can help your business We recently ran a workshop for charities, organisations and businesses at the Suffolk Employer…

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  • Feb092018
    The importance of a brand identity toolkit

    The Importance of a Brand Identity Toolkit

    Think about a ‘brand’. The first thing that sprung to mind was probably a logo, maybe Apple’s or Volkswagen’s. But,…

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  • Jan252018
    marketing matters - can website data really benefit your businiess?

    Can Website Data Really Benefit Your Business?

    Every business has goals it would like to achieve, from those pie in the sky ambitions to simply streamlining customer…

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  • Dec212017
    marketing matters - why your business needs a mission statement?

    Why Your Business Needs a Mission Statement


    Mission statements at their very essence set out the market position of your business. They are what defines your business…

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  • Nov232017
    Marketing Matters - what makes your brand a success?

    What Makes Your Brand a Success?

    Your business is a brand. And your brand identity comes from the heart of your organisation. Before you can work…

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