We are pleased to announce that Mackman is continuing to work with ILECS, the international lift and escalator consultants. We previously worked with ILECS on a full service brand development project that resulted in updated branding based on extensive insight work, a new website, marketing materials, and a brand identity toolkit to provide ILECS with the assets they need to promote their business consistently. Since then, they have gone from strength to strength, and we are delighted to be supporting them further.

Nicki Ramsbottom, our Head of Marketing, had this to say about our latest work with ILECS:

Working with ILECS on their content and communications will be a fantastic opportunity to boost their engagement with potential clients. The ties between SEO and content are getting stronger, and businesses are increasingly looking for new ways to promote themselves on social media. We look forward to working closely with ILECS to support them in this exciting new chapter.

Nicki Ramsbottom, Head of Marketing at Mackman

Mackman is now partnering with ILECS to provide ongoing communications and content marketing support. Visibility and frequency of comms are a key objective, along with putting mechanisms in place for social posting, visuals, and monitoring progress to provide solid insight on the reach of any content created. Content marketing is becoming increasingly important in order to cut through the noise of competitors and establish a line of communication with customers, particularly in the circumstances surrounding COVID-19. We are therefore working closely with ILECS to make sure that any content is intelligently crafted, suitable for their distinctive audiences, and maximised in value.

For more updates on this project, follow ILECS on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.