This is it. The real deal. Nerds rejoice!

The 21st October 2015 is an incredibly special day to fans of Back To The Future. It marks the date in the future that Marty McFly travels to in the second instalment of the trilogy. To a lot of our regular readers that might not constitute an important day, but let’s consider it for a moment.

This isn’t Star Wars day (May the 4th). It doesn’t come around every year and result in a flood of Star Wars quotes splashed across social media. The 21st October 2015 will only happen once, and then it’s gone forever! Also, fans of the trilogy have been waiting for nearly 26 years to see if 2015 will bear any resemblance to the 2015 portrayed in the film.

The team at Mackman couldn’t pass up an opportunity to celebrate such an iconic day. So on the 21st we got together to watch Back To The Future I and the first half of II. We even did our best to eat food that had a direct link to the film (essentially pizza and chocolate milk – we couldn’t find any Pepsi…).

The excitement didn’t end there though. As well as featuring a handful of hardcore fans, the team at Mackman also contains a few people who have never seen the films! We just had to ask what they thought…

Natasha Clarke – BTTF Newbie

“Loved it! I do feel like I missed out when I was younger, and can now completely appreciate how ridiculously excited both Sarah and Jimmy were about Back To The Future day. I was also really impressed with the gym classes that were going on in the background when Marty is skateboarding through Hill Valley at the beginning. I am definitely going to watch II and III now, because I feel like I need more Michael J. Fox in my life…”

Tom Brown – BTTF Newbie

“I thought it was really cute. Loads of my mates have seen it before and the guys in the office have talked about it loads. I have to admit: I expected it to be a cult film that actually wasn’t very good. But it was a brilliant film with some classic one liners and a great story. Seeing the beginning of the second film was funny too, as it looked more like the 80s on steroids than the future. My favourite bit was the bit when Marty joins the band for the Enchantment Under the Sea dance.”

Sarah Nagra – Hardcore fan

“I have been in love with Michael J Fox since I was a teenager… he’s such a dreamboat! BTTF day was a really good opportunity to spend a day using endless quotes from the trilogy and discuss elements of the films with people who know them as well as I do. It was great to watch the films with two newbies and see the look on their faces when the iconic “Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads” moment happens at the end.”

Jimmy Carr – Hardcore fan

“Time circuits on, Flux Capacitor… fluxing, engine running, all right! I’ve been waiting for BTTF day for such a long time and it definitely didn’t disappoint. The first film is widely quoted as the reason that I play guitar. Anyone who has seen my band perform will recognise the distinctly 80s solo in the middle of Johnny B Goode. The highlights of BTTF day for me were: the new video featuring Doc Brown, the video of Michael J. Fox trying on the first pair of Nike self-lacing trainers, and helping to introduce two new fans to the series. I even drove home with the soundtrack playing and then stayed up into the night watching II and III. I am not ashamed!”