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James Royce

Technical and Operations Director
Working with clients to develop their digital projects and drive digital growth

I'm the Technical and Operations Director at Mackman and I have overall responsibility for the delivery of both client and internal projects, as well as overseeing the development, support and hosting of digital projects.

My background is a developer and programmer, and a comprehensive knowledge of digital technologies, I also sit on the University of Nottingham’s Digital Advisory Board as a specialist adviser in guiding the development of the University’s Digital Transformation project.

I joined Mackman in 2010 after running my own IT business for 7 years. Prior to that I had been a Director of a leading local IT services provider. I have a strong background in business systems and solution development and love nothing more than a good problem to solve.

What has been an inspirational motto or quote for you in your career? 

WordPress is our platform of choice when is comes to developing digital solutions and the WordPress tagline has long been, ‘Code is Poetry’. There is no official definition or explanation of this but I do believe that the process of creating a digital solution is as much a craft as something more traditional, such as carpentry. We all have our own preferred tools and we leave our own signature in the nuances of the code we create, be it HTML, CSS, PHP, JS, or anything in between.

What sort of activities do you enjoy in your free time?

Away from the keyboard I am very much an outdoors person. A keen runner and cyclist, I also have a love for camping and walking. When the weather’s not so good, I have a ukulele with which I can upset the neighbours - I don’t profess any musical ability, however, as my cats will tell you.

James Royce

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