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David Burr, Village and Country property specialists, is a growing organisation. Started in 1995 in Long Melford, the company was operating out of seven locations including Newmarket, which opened most recently, and had plans to open a new branch in Bury St Edmunds in early 2014. The company also had the ongoing ambition to increase its growth to 15 offices in the following ten years.

To help achieve the company’s objectives, the team recognised the need for support for their marketing activities. They highlighted a number of key marketing requirements which started with a branding refresh and later focused on the collateral needed for the launch of a new office launch in Bury St Edmunds.

Brand Facts

  • Since opening their first office in Long Melford in 1995, David Burr has grown to become a multi-branch estate agency.
  • Their offices provide extensive coverage across Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and north Essex.
  • Their London premises acts as a city link to those looking for a principal residence or additional property in the country.

Project Facts

  • David Burr approached Mackman for support in refreshing their branding.
  • The brand refresh evolved into a specific need to promote the opening of a new office in Bury St Edmunds.

The Client

Connecting buyers with their dream homes

Bury St Edmunds has a ward population of approximately 35,000 and covers nearly 100,000 across the borough. The town was already served by a number of estate agents with a number situated in and around the Angel Hill/Guildhall location, meaning that David Burr would be entering into a highly competitive market, despite the number of premium brands being fewer.

Mackman was approached to develop and deliver a tactical marketing campaign to encourage awareness of the new branch and position David Burr in the minds of buyers, sellers and media as the premium property specialist covering prestigious country and town properties across and East Anglian region. The campaign would also support the overall business growth strategy as the company continued to establish themselves in town locations, selling town properties.

Delivery of the campaign needed to be ready for the office launch and therefore took place over a short time scale, with success measured against the following business objectives:

  • Raise awareness of the move of David Burr into the Bury St Edmunds marketplace
  • Generate awareness and excitement in the Bury St Edmunds area about the new office launch
  • Encourage potential clients to visit the new office, call the new office and to visit the website

The Challenge

Delivery of the Bury St Edmunds promotional campaign needed to be ready for the office launch, and therefore took place over a short time scale.

The Results

The team at Mackman worked with the David Burr management team to develop an appropriate and effective strategy. The campaign needed to reach all of the stakeholders with relevant messages via channels using a tone of voice that would resonate and create engagement with the campaign. Specifically this covered a multi layered campaign with messages aimed at the key stakeholders and a phased approach to the implementation to enable staff to be aware of the campaign first to maximise employee engagement. The campaign also needed to have maximum impact across all channels and create a sustained noise in the marketplace and mixed media, including advertising, print, digital and social media to maximise the reach of the campaign to all stakeholder groups.

The campaign consisted of a number of elements that were organised into a distribution plan to facilitate: the creation of two design directions in response to the client brief and to work with the refreshed branding. Following approval, the artwork was supplied for advertising, posters and signage.