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Gainsborough's House


Based in Sudbury, Gainsborough’s House is the birthplace museum of Thomas Gainsborough (1727-1788), one of the greatest artists in the history of British art. Gainsborough’s House has the largest collection of Gainsborough’s work on display at any one time in Britain. The Dedham Vale and Stour Valley project needed Gainsborough’s House to produce a display for various museums which would include information on a variety of artists and their work in the Stour Valley.


Gainsborough’s House needed specialist expertise to create an interactive web design tool that would be more engaging for visitors, something that could be on display at the various museums such as a touch screen website application.

Interactive Web Design Solution

We worked with Gainsborough’s House to bring this idea into realisation. Understanding the wide target audience, we designed the Interactive web design touch screen application to be intuitive for users of all ages to navigate. It was engaging, easy to use and provided user guidance throughout.

We were able to produce a portable solution, something that could be on display not only at Gainsborough’s House but at other museums in the area too. As a result, we also recognised the importance of clear branding. The product needed to be instantly identified as a Gainsborough’s House product.

Finally, the application was designed in a way that could be developed over time and used for other marketing purposes for Gainsborough’s House. The tool was created with flexibility in mind to allow additional narrative and pictures to be added at a later stage.

For more information about Gainsborough’s House, visit their website: www.gainsborough.org

Client Feedback

“It has been really good working with Mackman – they made the process an easy one and the finished product surpasses my original expectations.”

Nick Winch, Development Officer

“Interactive web design was the perfect solution for this project and collaborating with Gainsborough’s House rewarding – we are all very proud of the result.”

Hannah Marshallsay, Client Lead
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