This month in the design studio we have come across the original pantone book, almost three hundred years before The Pantone Colour Guide was created. A Dutch artist named A. Boogert documented all 800 colours through watercolour paints in a book titled ‘Traité des couleurs servant a la peinture a l’eau’, which translates in English to Treaty of Colours Used to Paint Water. This beautiful book was discovered by a Medieval book historian who found it in a French database.

The Pantone Guide we know today was created by Lawrence Herbert in 1963 (over two centuries later). This colour guide is used by studios, engineers, fashion designers etc.. across the world for graphics, printing, packaging, paint, textiles and much more.

We think we may have a descendant of A. Boogert in our very own studio, Bruce our Creative Lead, who has an uncanny resemblance.