Bruce Burgoyne - Creative Lead - Marmite Thoughts

So, Marmite’s new TV Ad. For those who haven’t spotted it, the Ad features a parody rescue unit recovering “neglected” jars of Marmite, left at the back of cupboards in family kitchens.

However, this new campaign has attracted several complaints claiming it “trivialises” the work of the animal welfare protection agencies.
Bruce Burgoyne, our Creative Lead at Mackman shares his thoughts.

“It says a lot about how people respond to adverts today. I think it’s partly down to the timing and context of the Ad that potentially contributed to its poor reception by some. For example, if this was in a comedy sketch, be it Catherine Tate or a comedy road-show programme, people wouldn’t think twice about it”.

“There is starting to become trends in TV advertising. A certain style becomes fashionable, creating a trend that brands are then expected to follow. They become very similar and you start to forget which Ad belongs to which brand”.

“It’s like the Christmas Adverts last year. Marks and Spencers, Sainsbury’s and John Lewis were all bringing out those very emotive and touching, family lifestyle types of TV Ads. Although effective, they all carried the same look and feel, it was hard to differentiate”.

“But with regards to this Marmite Ad, well, it’s unmistakably Marmite. You couldn’t replace the brand with Tiptree Jam or HP sauce. It works so well with their Love it or Hate it strap line, arguably this type of Ad is untouchable to others in its sector.”

And on that last note, as I look now at my computer screen, at all the comments stacked below articles about this Marmite Ad, it has a continuous stream of ‘I Love it’ comments, followed by ‘I Hate it’ ones.

And me? I’m going to have to say, I love it (even if I am more of a Vegemite person myself).

Take a look at the advert and decide for yourself, here.