All of our website clients receive our monthly WebCare support. This package is an essential part of our work ensuring that our clients’ websites continue to perform well once we have made them live. Each month, we undertake upgrades, health checks, ensure the sites render correctly on updated browsers, backups and more. We’ll be updating you on our progress on a regular basis.


The WebCare team are all very excited about the imminent implementation of a new monitoring tool for our WebCare customers who have sites built upon the WordPress platform. The tool, which will be installed onto each site, will ‘call home’ daily and log a number of key stats about the configuration of each installation. At the back-end of the system (here at Meadow House), we are developing a dashboard and alerting tool which will immediately advise if any site deviates from a predefined set of criteria (such as critical plugins and versions being installed and available).

The monitoring tool will replace the current manual system of reviewing each installation and will be further enhanced over the coming months with additional functionality which will enable us to add even more value to your WebCare contract. Look out for more updates in this newsletter over the summer months.

Please get in touch with a member of the technical team if you would like to receive more information by emailing or by calling 01787 388038.