Five Things Every Brand Strategy MUST DO

Five Things Every Brand Strategy MUST DO
January 5, 2018 Bruce
Mackman Blog - Five things every brand strategy must do

A powerful, succinct brand strategy should underpin all of your activity. Read on for the definition of a Brand Strategy, and for the 5 things your brand strategy can’t survive without…

Brand Strategy Definition:

At Mackman our definition of Brand Strategy is:

“A document that plans the development of a brand in order to meet its agreed objectives. The strategy must evolve from the brand’s vision and be driven by the need to be different and clearly defined to a target audience. It should also seek to deliver a consistent brand experience underpinned by appropriate brand behaviours.”

In Designing Brand Identity, Alina Wheeler explains brand strategy as:

“A road map that guides marketing, makes it easier for the sales force to sell more, and provides clarity, context, and inspiration to employees.”

You’ll recognise a good brand strategy because it’ll be easy to talk about and communicate to all the stakeholders in your organisation.

Your brand strategy has to respond to the needs of your market place (for a quick refresher take a look at our run down of the relationship between marketing and branding, here). Typically, deciding and designing your brand strategy comes at the second stage of the branding process: Positioning.

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