Leiston Community Land Trust, or Leiston CLT, is a not for profit organisation started by a small group of Leiston residents. They identified a real need to regenerate the town centre whilst at the same time building on the rich heritage of a unique, former industrial engineering Suffolk town.

The CLT approached Mackman to craft a new brand identity for them. They identified that although there was enthusiasm in the community for change, few residents knew of the CLT and its work. A consistent and professional brand identity would help them boost awareness and gain further members and support. In addition, this would provide an online platform other than their existing Facebook page. The project included a refreshed identity, marketing materials, a brand new website, a photography shoot, and a video to showcase their plans for the town. Company Director Paul Mackman commented:

“We were delighted to be selected as the preferred partner for the Leiston Community Land Trust branding and website project. It stood out as being really important to the town with potential to have a significant social impact.”

Approaching the project

We took the time to really get to know the aims and ambitions of Leiston Community Land Trust in order to devise their brand’s tone and messaging. A combination of concept drawings and imagery from the town itself were used throughout the branding and website and branded materials. This showed in a visual format the aspirations of the Community Land Trust along with the current assets present in Leiston. Lesley Hill, former Town Councillor and one of the CLT’s Trustees, commented:

“What a great website. The layout is easy on the eye and more importantly easy to use even for me. The bite size information is interesting and makes you want to follow the links for further information.”

Branding and Website | Mackman Branding and Marketing Agency
Homepage of Leiston Community Land Trust’s website, designed and built by Mackman

Showcasing Leiston Community Land Trust’s Work

In June, two of the Mackman team travelled to Leiston to shoot video and photography for Leiston CLT. Bruce Burgoyne, our creative director, planned for the shoot to include a series of ‘talking heads’ interviews with key members of the CLT to capture the pride and affection with which they regard Leiston. The video incorporated the thoughts and feelings of local residents who had lived in Leiston for varying lengths of time about the efforts of the CLT to regenerate the town.

Bruce commented:

“In spite of the unique challenges posed by coronavirus, the video shoot was a huge success. We were able to tell the story of Leiston and its residents in their own words and get a sense of the local pride people felt for their town.”

The video team were based out of the Long Shop Museum in Leiston. Interviewees dropped by throughout the course of the morning to talk about their unique perspectives on the town of Leiston and its proposed regeneration. Conducting interviews at a safe social distance due to COVID-19 we spoke to stalwarts of the community such as long-standing butchers Ernie and Chris, and manager of the Leiston Film Theatre, Wayne. We were delighted by how articulate and enthusiastic participants were in the entire shoot: their genuine love for their town came across beautifully. The afternoon consisted of visiting key locations in and around the town, including the newly developed leisure centre, Sizewell Beach, and the imposing ruins of Leiston Abbey.

Where can I see Leiston Community Land Trust’s new brand identity?

The video is available to view on Leiston CLT’s new website. It showcases the unique aspects of the town alongside footage and voiceovers from the Leiston residents. The website has been designed by Mackman to maximise engagement with the CLT. Furthermore, it encourages local people to become members, support the trust, and to get involved with initiatives such as the church garden project. Alternatively, you can watch the video below.

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