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  • Mar262020
    Name stickers illustrating the importance of brand names

    How To Create A New Brand Name

    At this time in early Spring 2020, it is clear that a number of businesses, large and small, are being…

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  • Mar172020
    Sandersons brand identity on mobile and desktop

    Why is brand development important for your business?

    It’s possible to brand virtually anything, from people to companies, products to services. Brand development is a process with several…

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  • Sep242018
    Marketing Matters - Marketing & Branding - What is the Difference?

    Marketing & Branding – What is the Difference?

    The relationship between marketing and branding is not as complex as some may think. In fact, the two work hand…

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  • Feb092018
    The importance of a brand identity toolkit

    The Importance of a Brand Identity Toolkit

    Think about a ‘brand’. The first thing that sprung to mind was probably a logo, maybe Apple’s or Volkswagen’s. But,…

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