Mackman Group is delighted to announce that we have launched our brand new research website. The site was updated in order to showcase our wide range of research services for both business-to-business and business-to-consumer companies. With a refreshed look and feel, and consistency with our branding, our website provides support for prospective clients who wish to start their research journey. The intuitive navigation and easily navigable links ensure that users can access the information they need, and the site also acts as a knowledge hub for research related information. The website was built with a strong grounding of insight into our key audience groups and their requirements. The whole team is incredibly proud and excited that the new website has been launched, as it has had input from all areas of the Mackman Group, from our digital department to the Studio.

What is Mackman Research?

For those who aren’t familiar with our sister company, Mackman Research is a research agency specialising in business customer satisfaction surveys. We provide wider insight where required to inform the development of products and services. Our research services underpin decision making and have enabled marketeers to ‘top and tail’ their service offering. This is a practice that we have developed and continue to this day where we frequently work with marketing managers to create reliable pre-project findings that inform strategies, and conduct post-project measurements of brand awareness, perception and satisfaction.

Over the years we have worked with leading and ambitious brands and we are proud of our portfolio, including pro bono research where we have assisted 3rd sector organisations to meet the needs of their end users. We collaborate with clients to create research that meets with immediate and wider marketing objectives. Working as a third party research partner or as part of your organisational team, our focus remains firmly fixed on delivering quality, meaningful and user friendly results.

Thoughts from the Mackman team

Our Research Director, Dr. Gemma Mackman, had this to say about the project:

“Over our 16 year history Mackman Research has evolved in keeping with the ever changing demands for intuitive insight. Like many of our established clients, the time has come for us to refresh our website to reflect who we are and what we do, with great effect, today. Our new website features all of our services, including those that often run alongside broader marketing activities, such as branding. It will enable our future clients to begin the process of shaping a research project, and help them to select the right method for success. We are proud to launch our new website, and hope that our clients and the research community benefit from our experience gathered over many years.”

Senior Designer Kerrie Scott added:

“The new website was designed to retain a complimentary brand scheme to our sister company, branding and marketing agency, Mackman. Some new brand elements have been introduced including a primary and secondary colour palette along with a selection of fresh and playful illustrations. These identity elements help to showcase the broad offerings of Mackman Research and successfully reflects the hands on approach of our team of specialist researchers.”

Discover our comprehensive range of research services on Mackman Research’s new website. Alternatively, contact us for more information.