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Brand Development & Awareness Campaign

Kirstin Allen

Kirstin Allen is a Personal Trainer and Post Natal Exercise Specialist, who came to Mackman with a desire to market herself in the fitness industry, but specifically within the niche of mothers looking to improve their "mummy tummy" or to combat cases of Diastasis Recti.

Campaign objectives

Mackman worked with Kirstin to develop a campaign designed to create awareness among her target audience, having observed that many of Kirstin's suggested competitors had built up a following on social media before launching a website and their products.


Kirstin already had a Facebook page, so we chose to direct traffic from the PPC campaign to this page in order to increase the size of her audience. Facebook followers were then encouraged to visit the website once it was launched.

Mackman used a MailChimp plugin to allow website visitors to sign up on the website, and set up an two-stage auto response mechanism when users subscribed:

  • 1st phase - new user is sent a confirmation email containing a discount code ready for the site to be converted to eCommerce at a later date
  • 2nd phase - new user is sent a follow up email that allows them to forward a branded email to all of their friends, which directs them to the website

Measurement & Implementation

Once this initial phase was complete, we also undertook a measurement and implementation phase of the project, which was designed to:

  • Demonstrate the success of the PPC campaign and inform further optimisation
  • Demonstrate the growth in social media followers and begin to form a strategy for social media advertising based on the observed data
  • Demonstrate the conversion rate of website visitors signing up to the mailing list and implement tracking to better understand the user journey to this point


287% social media audience growth over 30 days of the campaign launch.

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