The Sticker Factory have been creating unique stickers for over 15 years. They are a premium brand who specialise in personalised stickers, custom badges and motivational charts for both educational purposes and use at home.

The Suffolk based company came to Mackman in May 2010. At the time, their business was going through a number of changes, with a business director responsible for the running of their website leaving the company, and new members joining the business. As part of this process of change, The Sticker Factory wanted to evolve and update many of its current systems, including back office processes, overall website presence, and ecommerce sales order processing.

Brand Facts

  • The Sticker Factory creates personalised and customised reward stickers.
  • All of their products are designed by them, and made in the UK.
  • Their stickers add fun and value to many situations whether at home, in hospital or at school.

Project Facts

  • The Sticker Factory wanted to take the opportunity to get back to being at the very cutting edge of their field.
  • Recognising the need for more specialist resources in this area, The Sticker Factory came to Mackman with a broad set of growth objectives.

The Client

Motivating and rewarding children through stickers

Key requirements of the project included the awareness and usability of their customised products online, making it easy for customers to build their designs on The Sticker Factory’s website. Our team at Mackman were able to develop, build and implement a quality website for The Sticker Factory. It brought the company back up to date, refreshed the brand and significantly improved the functionality of the website including ecommerce, making it user friendly from both the customer and internal company perspective. Crucially, the site was fully search engine optimised as part of the build.

When the Sticker Factory first approached Mackman, they had already engaged with a supplier who was updating their back office system. A major part of Mackman’s involvement with the project also included collaborating and integrating our work with this supplier. We liaised closely, were able to appreciate each other’s challenges and difficulties, and ensure we worked together to overcome issues that came up during new developments with the website.

The Challenge

It was our first task to analyse the objectives provided by The Sticker Factory and come up with some quality solutions that supported their overall growth strategy.

The Results

The Sticker Factory have continued to be a very close client of ours. In addition to utilising our online services of website development, ecommerce and search engine optimisation, we also deliver the company services that relate to all areas of marketing such as advertising, PR and research.

Furthermore, as a family firm, The Sticker Factory has recently included another member of the family into the running of the business. Mackman has played a significant role in developing their marketing skills. This has allowed them to bring in-house some of the marketing functions that Mackman previously provided, enabling us to focus on more specialised areas of marketing to support the company.

I can highly recommend the web care and technical support offered by Mackman. They are quick to respond to any issues we have or amendments we wish to carry out. Their technical knowledge and ability is second to none, and they have created a lot of fantastic bespoke elements specifically for our site. No matter what we throw at them, they always come back with a solution! Not only do they help us achieve our vision, but work with us and offer guidance and advice about what we can do to keep moving forward, which is essential for any website. They’re a great group of people to work with: friendly, approachable and want to do their best for you, it’s a pleasure to work with them. If websites could speak, we’re sure ours would be a very happy chappy indeed.

Ruth Laws, Business Development Manager – The Sticker Factory