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  • Jan152018
    Countdown to GDPR: How will personal data be defined

    Countdown to GDPR: How Will Personal Data be Defined?

    The EU designed GDPR to give people back control over their personal data. But what is the GDPR’s definition of personal data?

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  • Jan082018
    Countdown to GDPR: Five steps to take today

    Countdown to GDPR: Five Steps to Take Today

    Putting off your GDPR prep? Read these 5 steps to help your business get prepared for GDPR compliance on the 25th of May, 2018.

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  • Jan052018
    Mackman Blog - Five things every brand strategy must do

    Five Things Every Brand Strategy MUST DO

    A powerful, succinct brand strategy should underpin all of your activity. Read on for the definition of a Brand Strategy, and…

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  • Dec222017
    Mackman - Our Favourite Festive Films

    Mackman’s Favourite Festive Songs

    Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year from all of us here at Mackman. Find out the Mackman team’s favourite Christmas tunes this festive season…

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  • Dec212017
    marketing matters - why your business needs a mission statement?

    Why Your Business Needs a Mission Statement

    Mission statements at their very essence set out the market position of your business. They are what defines your business…

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  • Dec012017
    Marketing Consultancy: A run down of the CIM's Data-driven Marketing Conference

    A run down of the CIM’s Data-Driven Marketing Conference

    Missed the CIM’s Data Driven Marketing Conference? Need your Data Driven Marketing fix? We’ve got you covered with our conference run down.

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  • Nov242017
    Marketing Communications: The Do's and Don'ts of using LinkedIn for your business

    The Do’s and Don’ts of using LinkedIn for your business

    LinkedIn is so much more than a human resources tool. Find out how your business can benefit with our Do’s and Don’ts of creating an effective LinkedIn.

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  • Nov232017
    Marketing Matters - what makes your brand a success?

    What Makes Your Brand a Success?

    Your business is a brand. And your brand identity comes from the heart of your organisation. Before you can work…

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  • Oct192017
    marketing matters is your business ready for GDPR

    Is Your Business Ready for GDPR?

    In six months’ time, you will be in the last phase of ensuring your business is ready for the new…

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  • Oct172017
    Couples in Business - Paul & Gemma Mackman

    Couples in Business – Paul & Gemma Mackman

    Couples in Business – Paul & Gemma Mackman Since 2003 Paul and Gemma Mackman have been running a full-service marketing…

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  • Oct172017
    Mackman - CIM Data-Driven Marketing Conference

    The CIM Autumn Marketing Conference – Colchester

    The 2017 Autumn Marketing Conference will be focused on the significance of data, and the impact of data on marketing strategies – Find out more here.

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  • Oct132017
    Mackman - Cim Digital Summit

    The CIM Digital Summit 2017 – London

    The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) is hosting this year’s Digital Summit at the world renowned British Museum in London – Find out more.

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