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  • Mar052018
    Countdown to GDPR: How will consent change?

    Countdown to GDPR: How Will Consent Change?

    What are the GDPR’s changes to consent? What are the benefits to putting these changes into practices? Find out how consent is changing under GDPR.

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  • Feb262018
    Research & Insight: What is a competitor

    Insight into the 4 Competitors You Might be Missing

    Welcome back to business 101. Think you’ve got a handle on your market place? Indirect competitors could be operating under your radar.

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  • Feb122018
    Countdown to GDPR: Navigating & Demonstrating Transparency

    Countdown to GDPR: Navigating Transparency

    Transparency is one of the GDPR’s guiding principles. Find out how to understand and safely navigate transparency before the 25th of May.

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  • Feb092018
    The importance of a brand identity toolkit

    The Importance of a Brand Identity Toolkit

    Think about a ‘brand’. The first thing that sprung to mind was probably a logo, maybe Apple’s or Volkswagen’s. But,…

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  • Feb052018
    Countdown to GDPR: Your introduction to accountability

    Countdown to GDPR: Your Introduction to Accountability

    The GDPR’s accountability regulations put the emphasis on YOU. You must not only comply, but be able to demonstrate your compliance.

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  • Feb012018
    Mackman Joins Big brands on Top University Advisory Board

    Mackman Joins Top University Advisory Board

    A director at Sudbury-based Mackman, joins university board alongside Directors from Sainsbury’s, Microsoft, KPMG and Santander. The University of Nottingham’s…

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  • Jan292018
    Reseach & Insight: A beginner's guide to website data

    A Beginner’s Guide to Website Data

    In an era when every business has easy access to a website, how do you make your site work for you? Put your trust in website data and insight.

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  • Jan252018
    marketing matters - can website data really benefit your businiess?

    Can Website Data Really Benefit Your Business?

    Every business has goals it would like to achieve, from those pie in the sky ambitions to simply streamlining customer…

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  • Jan242018
    Mackman Blog - What is Voice Search? Is your business ready for it?

    What is Voice Search and is Your Business Ready for it?

    The way users interact with their digital assistants is changing search as we know it. Find out how to get your business prepared.

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  • Jan152018
    Countdown to GDPR: How will personal data be defined

    Countdown to GDPR: How Will Personal Data be Defined?

    The EU designed GDPR to give people back control over their personal data. But what is the GDPR’s definition of personal data?

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  • Jan082018
    Countdown to GDPR: Five steps to take today

    Countdown to GDPR: Five Steps to Take Today

    Putting off your GDPR prep? Read these 5 steps to help your business get prepared for GDPR compliance on the 25th of May, 2018.

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  • Jan052018
    Mackman Blog - Five things every brand strategy must do

    Five Things Every Brand Strategy MUST DO

    A powerful, succinct brand strategy should underpin all of your activity. Read on for the definition of a Brand Strategy, and…

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