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Why Customer Experience is essential to your brand

September 3, 2018.
Marketing Matters - Why Customer Experience is essential to your brand

Great customer experience should be at the centre of everything you do as a business. Put simply, in order to be successful, it's essential that your customers are satisfied with the service that you provide.

The 2017 Gartner Customer Experience in Marketing Survey reported that by 2019, 81% of brands will be competing on the basis of customer experience. This leads to high customer satisfaction, and satisfaction can be directly equated to a customer’s loyalty with your service over a competitor.

What is customer experience?

Customer experience includes every point of contact that you have with your customers and clients. Your aim is to provide a positive, easy, productive and, above all, enjoyable experience, that goes beyond mere satisfaction.

Each time a customer visits your interacts with or purchases something from you, they are engaging in a customer experience. It is therefore crucial that you explore exactly what their journey may be like.

What is the value of gauging customer satisfaction?

Customer satisfaction can tell you whether your service is meeting the needs of your customer. But more importantly, how they feel about your services and to make their experience as painless and seamless as possible.

Only by gaining an insight into the customer experience journey can you know whether what you are delivering is meeting expectations; building loyalty, confidence and overall great customer satisfaction.

The brands staying ahead of the competition place their customers at the heart of their business planning. They are quick to measure customer satisfaction and relationships at all levels of the customer journey. They have an understanding of what their customers want and value as well as what their customers are saying about them.

Harnessing the power of customer experience

We are living in a digital and global age, where customer loyalty is worth its weight in gold. Brands have opportunities to influence their customers through social media and other channels of direct communication. Which means now more than ever before, retaining customers hinges on the customer’s experience, regardless of how well a product performs.

For businesses and brands to truly harness and utilise this influence, it is essential to create a customer experience strategy. By researching, analysing and implementing this strategy, you can gain invaluable insight into your customers. Including their journey, their needs, expectations and frustrations, your competitors, your industry’s marketplace and the channels and trends that could help to improve the perception of your brand.

Customer experience: the centre of everything

To reiterate, customer experience should be at the centre of everything you do. If you provide an excellent customer experience, you are more likely to retain your customers. Which will help your business and brand to grow.

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