Mackman is proud to be sponsoring the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) with their event which will put marketing “on trial”. The event is part of the CIMs ‘bigger conversation’ about the value of marketing.

What: the CIM’s ‘Marketing on Trial’

Where: Law School Courtroom at the University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield

When: 10:00am on 11th June 2019

Why: To reveal the true value of marketing

Who: the event is open to everyone; with discounted prices for members and students

The “trial” will be set in the University’s courtroom, which has featured in Silent Witness and other TV dramas. Marketing has been accused of misrepresenting its value to professionals, business and society. Therefore, Marketing will be put on trial. It is suspected of failing to demonstrate the value it creates for customers and shareholders of businesses and having failed to provide marketers with the skills needed to create value for customers and shareholders.

The CIM is concerned that Marketing is under threat from some worrying perceptions of the industry. Fears are that Marketing is losing its professional influence in organisations, that Marketers are becoming increasingly excluded from strategic decision-making, and that other professions are doing the ‘marketing work’. Increasingly fragmented job roles, particularly in digital marketing, are causing Marketers to become more and more tactically focused. In addition, it may even be found that Marketing professionals are guilty of incitement.

The Marketing on Trial “Judge” Clare Kemsley, UK&I Managing Director, Marketing, at Hays will be joined by a number of “expert witnesses” which will include Marketing Directors and Chartered Marketers. Those attending the event will make up the “jury” and provide their verdict.

Marketing will plead ‘not guilty’ but, if found otherwise, could be facing a sentence of reflection and to work on finding solutions to successfully re-establish its place in business and society and to rebuild its reputation for adding value for customers and stakeholders.

Be quick to book your place as part of the jury.